Embedded Linux Conference Europe has ended

Ekaterina Gorelkina

Samsung R&D Institute
Ekaterina Gorelkina joined Samsung R&D Institute Russia in 2006. She is involved in various projects related to Linux kernel, compilers, dynamic intrumentation and profiling tools. She participated in the following conferences: Linux Symposium 2010/2011 (“The easy-portable method of illegal memory access errors detection for embedded computing system.” E. Gorelkina, S. Grekhov, A .Gerenkov; “Prediction of Optimal Readahead Parameter in Linux by Using Monitoring Tool.” E. Gorelkina, S. Grekhov, J. Jeong, M. P. Levin); Embedded Linux Conference 2009 (“Dynamic Instrumentation of user-space application based on kprobe.”, A. Gerenkov, E. Gorelkina, Jaehoon Jeong); Eurocon 2009 (“Method for Automatic Detection of the Reasons of Unusual System Behavior by Evaluation of Correlation between Events in Monitoring Tool.” E. Gorelkina, Mikhail P. Levin, Sergey S. Grekhov, Jaehoon Jeong)