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Guillene Ribiere

BayLibre SAS
Guillène is now with a company called BayLibre.  Previously she was a senior systems engineer with 20 years of experience at Texas Insturments. Her last position was software architect for sensors for OMAP6 Android platforms with Texas Instruments. In this role, she was responsible for integrating a new processor, the sensor hub, into the OMAP software stack. This implied both porting the RTOS sysBios onto the sensor hub and interfacing this sub-system with the Linux kernel. Her responsibilities in this role also involved the debug and performance analysis. In this context, she worked on several hardware features embedded into the OMAP6 interconnect and used them in conjunction with Linux debugging tools such as systemtap to debug complex use cases.
Prior to this role, Guillène worked 7 years in the system architecture team where she modeled behaviorally the video subsytem IVA-HD, the hardware/software encryption pipeline.